• 1 Class per week

    £44 pcm Light Recreational training 1 Krav Maga class per week Can commit for 16 weeks X
  • Multiple Classes per week

    £65 pcm 2 Classes per week - Clifton Includes training at all other BKMA schools in Bristol 2 Krav Maga classes & Coached Fight Skills Class
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As a lifestyle business, our goal is to work with like-minded people helping them achieve their fitness/self-defence training goals.

We don't want to sell you stuff or to lock you into long contracts. We want an enduring and beneficial coaching relationship with you. This means that we try to help you that you make an informed choice about membership from the outset. And that's why we wrote this page.

The real cost of training

Understandably, people immediately ask about the price of training. However, the price of training and the cost of training are two different things. Don't worry, we'll address both here. 

The price of training varies between £44 and £65 a month.

The cost of training is the time, effort and personal commitment it takes to achieve your goal.

Even with professional coaching, we can only work with the amount of effort and attendance you give us. Before you join we ask that you to carefully consider what your training goals are and choose a programme appropriate to that goal. You will also need to consider if your goal is realistic within the time frame you have set and the amount of training you are prepared to commit.

Define your training objective

When choosing your program you need to consider what you want to achieve and what 'sweat equity' you'll invest to achieve it.

Having coached thousands of Kravists and hundreds of Krav Maga Instructors we know that the 2 most common goals for beginners are improved fitness and learning to protect themselves. Analysing this amount of new students has shown us a number of consistent and repeatable patterns of performance from a large number of untrained and usually out of condition new students. 


Just over 90% of Krav Maga Bristol students achieve the following after 16 weeks of twice-weekly training:

  • Stop common street attacks
  • Show significant measurable performance gains in power, speed and endurance
  • Understand and demonstrate 'Tactical Awareness'
  • Understand how to use the environment in a conflict situation
  • Have effective striking and grappling skills against common attacks
  • Stop common edged weapons attacks
  • Able to perform all of the above whilst fatigued against a fully resisting attacker making unpredictable attacks during a 4 hr test

We know the vast majority of beginners want a significant, measurable improvement in fitness and the ability to protect themselves against common street attacks.  We can deliver this to over 90% of our students within 16 weeks

We know what the most common goals are and how long it takes students to achieve them. This benchmark is the first logical training goal and the minimum commitment we ask for. It is the minimum period that 90% of the population can achieve their goals training twice weekly. We wrote a specific accelerated programme for this called the Krav Maga Challenge

What if I can't commit to a minimum period

If there is a fixed external reason, moving away, limited employment contract, changing work commitments etc consider Pay As You Go training. It is more expensive but there is no tie-in and no commitment.  You can stop at any time or upgrade to another training programme when circumstances allow.

If you are reluctant to commit for other reasons - 'don't know if you want to train for that long' etc, Krav Maga Bristol is probably not the place for you. We offer serious coaching and have high expectations for our students.


'To put this in perspective, Krav Maga Bristol has trained more people from student to instructor level than any other Krav Maga School in the UK.'


Inevitably, you will be pushed and pushed hard mentally and physically.

We have a proven track record based on these very same expectations.  We know that if you are not committed you won't meet the first training goal.

Today, you may not want or be ready for this commitment.  That's fine, make the decision now and move on in a direction more aligned with your interests.

If you want to try the 2nd session, let us know we are always happy to help and won't pressurise you.


Joining Fee

There is a £45 joining fee.


Monthly Pay as you go: £70 per month

This covers 2 classes per week. There is a regular monthly payment that can be cancelled at any time. Please note we do not refund partial or unused months. *Class cost £6.41 per hour

Standard membership: £65 per month

This includes 2x Krav Maga training sessions per week. Conditioning class NOT included. The minimum period of membership is 16 weeks. *Class cost is £3.77 per hour


Family Membership

2 family members, 1 x Krav Maga session per week. Conditioning class not included. Minimum membership 16 weeks.* Class cost is £6.04 per person


Basic Membership £44 per month

This includes 1 x krav maga class per week. Conditioning class not included. The minimum period of membership is 16 weeks. *Class cost is £5.11 per hour

*Class cost calculation

Monthly fee / average month (4.3weeks) /hours training per week

Join us

To join - select the programme most in line with your initial goals. Click on the link and complete your details.



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