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Krav Maga Bristol is an Official CrossFit Affiliate. Our CrossFit dedicated site can be found at CrossFit Bristol

We incorporate CrossFit as our core conditioning program to compliment Krav Maga and our MMA Fight programme.

Krav Maga Bristol is the only Martial Arts or Krav Maga School in Bristol offering authentic CrossFit and Krav Maga in one location.

We offer CrossFit WOD Sessions on: Tuesdays at 7pm  - Thursdays 7pm

For more information on CrossFit please visit our CrossFit site at CrossFit Bristol


What is CrossFit?

  Crossfit can easiest be described as state of the art athletic performance training. CrossFit uses old school style training stressing  high intensity, functional  movement. CrossFit uses sophisticated training methods and primitive tools  training tools like kettlebells,  ropes, matts, vaulting horse, gymnastic rings, olympic lifting techniques, sprints and medicine balls.  We emphasise skills and coaching over a broad range of physical tasks. We then combine this with top end MMA conditioning training to create a highly diverse range of short high intensity work outs.  

Who uses CrossFit?

 crossfit at Krav Maga BristolThe CrossFit programme is taught to professional fighters, competitive atheletes, recreational martial artisits, The US Marines, numerous branches of Military and Law Enforcement Units,through to de conditioned city workers, pregnant women and the elderly.  The best part of CrossFit is that the needs of the elite fighter,  professional athlete or 70 year old grandmother differ only in intensity - not in type. In otherwords CrossFit sessions can be scaled to meet the needs of the ultra fit through to the unfit or older athlete.  CrossFit is unique in the same programme can be adapted by a certified affiliate to meet your needs. At Krav Maga Bristol we use highly varied CrossFit work outs designed to vary demands for people of all abilities.


Variety and Intensity - The secret ingredients

CrossFit sessions are short, intense and highly varied. Whether it's Kettlebells, pad drills, MMA fitness coaching or sprinting you'll work hard for a short period. Quality counts and 20 minutes with us beats 90 minutes in the gym any day.

How is CrossFit different from the gym?

  In simple terms, the main difference between CrossFit & gym membership is coaching. At CrossFit you'll learn to sprint, lift, basic gymnastic type skills, falling, rolling, vaulting, and how to use a kettlebell. We dont do pec decks, machines or mirrors and no, we wont sell you a protien shakes, skin tight Muscle T shirts or supplements. Instead, we will talk about  good nutrition, efficient biomechanics, functional movement, skill, speed, and power. If you want to get fit, get healthy or get better at sport – come and see us. If you want to develop your beach muscles or look in a mirror as you ‘do your arms’ – we are probably not the place for you.

CrossFit Bristol offers coaching, not unsupervised access to machine based exercise programs.


CrossFit sessions are run Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7.30 pm

Our commitment to you

Crossfit Bristol offers you quality, performance based coaching.  Fitnesss is about  health and performance over a wide range of domains, not just aesthetics.

In short we offer a crucible to test and develop yourself. If you are serious, come and try us out - feel the difference.

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