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Krav Maga Bristol is the cities original School of authentic Israeli Krav Maga. 

The school was opened in Clifton College in 2005 by Paul Grey and quickly became of one the UK's largest Krav Maga schools with in excess of 200 active students training on a regular basis.

Over time, Krav Maga Bristol developed a number of quite exceptional students who have became instructors in their own right.  This includes local Instructors like Clint Badlam, Jim Halton, Stuart Overal, Aron Gilson, and Cheuk Lai. 

 Krav Maga Bristol recruited international Instructors like Ken Garret (USA) to teach in their own right in the Bristol area.The original school is still taught by founding Instructor Paul Grey. Regular classes are run on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Clifton.  We also have branches run by some great instructors in Southville, Bedminster, Speedwell, Filton and of course here in Clifton. 

If you went to experience a piece of real Krav Maga History right here in Bristol, book a free session and try the krav Maga experience the the cities finest...

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