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  • self defence classes bristol

    Self Defence Classes in Bristol

    Accredited Self Defence Classes in Bristol

    Accredited Self Defence Course Level 1Krav Maga Bristol offers British Krav Maga accredited Self Defence classes and courses. British Krav Maga approved courses are research based, legally compliant courses delivering state of the art self defence training to people of all abilities. 

    Overview - Self Defence Course Level 1

    The British Krav Maga Self Defence program is aimed at individuals who want to learn realistic self protection skills within an accelerated training format.

    Course content
    All courses adopt a 3 tier concept for training.

    Strategic awareness and observation Understanding Violence

    The Law

    Threat awareness

    Predatory behaviour

    Stress inoculation
    Human Stress Responce
    Human performance under stress
    Conflict communications
    Posture and assertive communication

    Use of force training
    Understanding the use of force
    Generating impact
    Releases from grabs and holds
    Blocks and strikes
    Level 1 Scenarios

    Course Duration 4-6 hrs

    Physical requirements
    Level of physical intensity - moderate
    Level of physical contact - low
    Nature of threats learned - unarmed common street attacks

    Course requirements
    Over 16 years of age
    In reasonable health
    No prior training experienced required.

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