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  • How Often Should I train in Krav Maga

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    One of the most commonly asked questions new members ask is how often should I train. Whilst this is a perfectly natural question to ask, it's really difficult to answer without a clear understanding of your goals and reasons for training.That said,lets's take a look.

    "Your goals define the training required to achieve them"

    1. What are your training goals?

    What are you trying to achieve in your Krav Maga training? Your goals define the training required to achieve them. Want something new and challenging to do but don't want to impact on your time too much, you'd be a light recreational Kravist. If you aspire to reach the pinnacle of Krav Maga training, once weekly sessions won't get you there. Typically members fall into one of 3 categories often jumping between them over time.

    The Light Recreational Kravist

    Goals: Recreational training balanced with other activities or lifestyle demands - shifts etc. Want to learn Krav Maga but not driven by fast skill acquisition, or a strong desire to improve fitness.

    We recommend: Once weekly training costed at £40 per month. This provides 8 hrs tuition a month.

    The Recreational Kravist

    Goal: Wants to learn some self-defence techniques or make more significant progress in Krav Maga or fitness training generally. This is balanced against limited time/lifestyle options. A Higher level of time/commitment required to achieve your goals more rapidly.

    We recommend Twice weekly training. You would expect progression two to three times faster than with Once weekly training. Twice weekly training is the sweet spot for most people, you get the most results in the least amount of training time. Our twice weekly training tariff means you could train three or more sessions with no additional cost, however, the time and commitment required are more that of a serious recreational Kravist.

    The Serious Recreational Kravist

    Goal: Krav Maga is your main recreational and fitness pursuit. You are training at least three times a week and this is probably combined with additional seminars and camps. Progress is fast and a high level of skill is achieved within 10 or more months. You will probably train in Clifton plus another venue and supplement your training with additional fitness or gym work. Krav Maga becomes a significant part of your life as training time becomes significant.

    As a result, we discount class fees for students who commit to more frequent or long-term training. We welcome causal students also but reward commitment to training with lower class prices.Because of this, we offer programmes designed to match the different needs of the casual user through to the more serious athlete.  Programmes vary from Pay As You Go, to a 12-month contract with stages between. We are more than happy to help you choose any programme that suits you. We don't do pressure, we don't do sales, and we are happy for you to book a couple of Free sessions and make up your mind.

    Our Classes

    We offer Conditioning, skills-based Krav Maga coaching and general self-defence based Krav Maga classes. We also offer the Fight Programme which is a recreational sparring programme available to all abilities.   We deliver authentic Krav Maga and nothing else. We do not mix training systems or dilute the Krav Maga in any way.

    General Krav Maga Class

    Krav Maga emphasises realistic, instinctive Self Defence training. Krav Maga deals with common street attacks, weapons and high-risk situations. Training is dynamic, fast to learn, and instinctive to apply. Krav Maga is the worlds most battle proven self-protection system and is taught to over 500 Military Units and Law Enforcement Agencies across the world.  Our Krav Maga training includes the Fight Class for those interested in a sparring type class.

    Krav Maga Bristol is one of the UKs' leading schools and has trained more Krav Maga Instructors than any other Krav Maga School in Europe.

    We offer general Krav Maga classes on Mondays,andWednesdays at 7:50 pm.

    Krav Maga Skills Class

    On Tuesdays, we offer a skill-based class focused on accelerated skills training. Tuesday classes focus on a specific skill set, drill down in detail and work on fast skill acquisition over the class. Krav Maga Skills class offers a more specific coaching environment delivered at a lower intensity but with a strong emphasise on improving skill and movement. Although Tuesday evenings are a great place for beginners to start, the classes work with all abilities on a pre-designated area and develop a skill to the point it can be pressure tested.

    The fight programme is a dynamic and progressive sparring programme designed to improve dynamic striking and overall fighting skills. The fight programme cycles round stand up, clinch and ground fighting. The Fight programme is one of our most popular programmes focusing on skill development, movement, speed and agility.  Contact is strictly controlled with provision made for those who want to fight at heavier levels of contact later in the programme. Your own protective equipment is needed to participate.

    We offer the Krav Maga Skills Classes on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm

    Combat conditioning Class

    We use the same methods to condition our Kravists as used by professional fight programmes in both MMA or boxing. Conditioning classes are a mixture of movement training, pad work, High-Intensity Interval training and Speed, Agility and Quickness drills.

    We offer Combat conditioning on Monday and Wednesdays at 7 pm.

    Joining Fee

    There is a one-off, £45 joining fee for Krav Maga, (covers insurance, Membership of the British Krav Maga Association, T-shirt and training bottoms).

    Monthly Fees

    All payments are collected by Direct Debit - we do not take cash payment.

    Our minimum membership period of 4 months*

    *Pay As You Go Monthly (30 days)

    *Premium (12 months minimum)

     How to Join

    Select your preferred programme and click on the link below to set up your membership. The process is very simple and takes about 3 minutes to set up your Direct Debit.


    You can cancel after your minimum membership. We require 5 working days to process the cancellation.  Please note, we do not refund unused sessions or partial months.  You must inform us in writing (email) to cancel.

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  • Advanced Diploma in Krav Maga £1899

    One of, if not the most comprehensive Krav Maga Instructor courses outside of the Isreali Defence Forces. 18 days hardcore training, including teaching and coaching elements, manuals, and advanced training modules with one of Europes fastest growing organisations.


    Who is the course for
    The Advanced Diploma course is aimed at individuals wanting a professional instructor certification with a Nationally recognised organisation. Candidates need at least 3 years training in any striking based martial art. We accept significant Military, Prison Service or Police experience in lieu of a black belt.

    [Download Brochure]

    Course Structure
    This 18 day course is attended via two 9 day intensive phases of training, or via six 3 day weekends.

    A good level of physical fitness is required to attend this course. Allowances are made for age and injury.

    What is covered
    The Diploma extends the skills and knowledge covered in the certificate courseand introduces more advanced training and concepts. 4 days are allocated to the ‘Train the trainer’ award.

    Course Modules
    History and evolution of Krav Maga
    Krav Maga Defensive Tactics
    The Law in Relation to Self Defence
    The Primitive Stress Response
    The Science of Combat
    Releases and breakaways
    Street Weapons and their use
    Fighting on the Ground
    Ballistic Striking & Impact
    Classroom management
    Coaching and student corrections
    Accelerated training methodologies Implementation of specialist training
    Working with special populations
    Combat conditioning class management
    Implementation and management of adrenalised training
    Street Weapons & scenario training
    Business management
    School promotion via social media
    Marketing theory and practice
    Train the Trainer Level 4



    This course is eligible for ELCAS funding.

    Useful Links

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    16 Day Certificate in Krav Maga Coaching and Instruction

    Weekend based Certificate in Krav Maga Coaching and Instruction

  • The Krav Maga Challenge...

    What’s included

    32 lessons. 16 weeks preparation. 1 outstanding experience....

    We run the Krav Maga Challenge several times each year, Typically January, March and September.

    The Krav Maga Challenge offers a gruelling 16 week programme of intense physical and mental training culminating in challenge day a 4 hr test of physical and mental endurance where pratitioners will be challenged over all the skills acquired over the preceding 16 weeks.

    You’ll with train fellow recruits for 2 hours, twice a week working with a skilled coach in preparation for you challenge day. In addition you’ll  get a subsidiary training programme to compliment your coached sessions and nutrition guide built around the very same programmes used by professional athletes and fighters to optimise physical performance.

    Developing the total warrior

    Over your 16 week intensive programme you’ll cover injury avoidance, nutrition, basic to intermediate fight conditioning sessions, stand up clinching and ground fighting drills, weapons defences and disarms as well as a level of close quarter combat training rarely experienced by civilians. There is nothing comparable to the Krav Maga challenge programme. Think Jason Bourne, James Bond and Crossfit all rolled into one and then some...

    Tougher, stronger, faster

    Train like a professional fighter in preparation for an undisclosed combat fitness test on your Challenge Day event. On passing out you’d have covered cover 32 combat conditioning sessions based around conditioning used by the world’s elite including professional fighters and Olympians. No two training sessions are the same, and the results are outstanding.

    Confidence, competence and performance

    Why sign up for another barely used gym membership  when you can participate in a high level coaching programme delivering elite level fitness, proven close quarter combat skills and an unprecedented mental toughness training  programme.

    Challenge day

    On challenge day you’ll meet a team of coaches for what will one of the toughest, most demanding days of your life.  Over Challenge day you’ll complete an undisclosed series of warrior challenges culminating in a range of pressurised scenarions including multiple attackers, 3rd party protection task and

    Krav Maga Challenge - Many are called but few are chosen

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  • What's included in the Krav Maga Challenge

    Get, tougher, stronger faster with the unique 16 week krav maga challenge. In just 16 weeks you’ll look good, feel great and have learned a range of life schools rarely seen outside of specialist military and laws enforcement agencies.

    The Krav Maga Challenge programme will be over subscribed. Krav Maga Bristol can only accept 20 recruits onto the Krav Maga Challenge programme so it’s vital that you demonstrate the dedication and commitment that we are looking for.

    For a monthly fee of £59 p/c/m you will receive a comprehensive programme of professional coaching including:

    •     A complete and comprehensive 16 week intensive training programme including:
    •     A minimum of 32 hrs of professionally coached  combat conditioning and strength training for all levels and abilities
    •     A minimum of 32 hours professionally coached Israeli Krav Maga Close Quarter Combat training including ground fighting, adrenalized training and weapons survival training – for all levels and abilities
    •     Defensive tactics and strategic street awareness development
    •     Combat Psychology and Mental toughness development and training
    •     Nutritional advice and guidelines
    •     Immersion in a supportive community of fellow recruits all overcoming obstacles and challenges together
    •     Challenge day – a full day of physical challenge and reality based scenarios culminating in a high intensity adrenalized
    •     A significant personal challenging culminating

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