What is it with handwraps and aerobics

0What is it with people wearing handwraps for aerobics ?


You all know what I mean, that Thaibo/boxercise body combat class and they are all wearing hand wraps...


To be clear, handwraps can be a great tool when you are hitting something like a bag or a human head.... But an aerobics or boxercise class common guys its plain ridicolous. The hand wraps stabilise the 27 bones of the hand and in essence turning the hand into a club more efficiently transferring power.


They reduce minor injury and the chances of fractures when hitting something hard.   Using them unnecessarily can actually increases the risk of injury because if you do hit something hard, (aforementioned bag or head), the muscles and tendons around the hand are not used to any loading and are more likely to get damaged. They can also contributing to poor punching form and weaker wrists if the only time you strike your wrists are stabilised in wraps.


What I  dont get at all is wearing hand wraps in an aerobics or boxercise class. Personaly I would feel a bit of of dick attending a thaibo/bodycombat/boxercise class anyway, but if I did, would I really need handwraps?


Yes, when i did my fitness instructor course I did a boxercise course. I kept this a deep, dark secret but now is time to let it out. Most of these ‘instructors’ could neither punch nor move, but taught after the 1 day course.  In fairness most did not claim to be boxers or fighters - but some did get themselves confused into thinking they can now teach ‘a bit of boxing’  tut tut ...


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