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Protect yourself from an imugging

Protect your Iphone

Imugging - robbery inspired by your iphone or ipad - Krav Maga Bristol July 2102


Imugging and Robbery remains a constant threat if you own a high value phon such as an iphone or simmilar.

There is a fairly predictable sequence of events to a typical Iphone inspired robbery. 


What we need for the perfect iphone robbery...

1 Iphone user, texting or otherwise oblivious to whats going on around them  + 1 attacker and 1 empty street = Optimal chances of an imugging

What we know is the more oblivious you are to the environment - the more likely you are to be  mugged. We know this, your mugger knows this and until now, you may not have known this. But you do now.

In simple terms, if you are in a public place, keep high value items out of sight and be aware of your sourroundings. If you think something isnt right - you are probably right. If you think you are being followed or watched - make it clear that you have seen the threat.  Criminals prefer quiet, unaware targets.

If you have time get somewhere with people about then chose your moment to turn around and confront anyone following you.  If you cant get near peole a busy road can be a good bet get in the middle on the white lines - you'll be seen and cause difficulty for would be robbers. Stay aware of the reraffic though.

If something kicks off make a lot of noise - and I MEAN A LOT OF NOISE !!! It attracts attention at criminals dont like attention.

Dont be proud - run like hell if you can.

If a weapon is involved or you consider your self at risk - especially against a knife - consider giving money and phones withoput any fuss.


Other things you can do to protect an iphone.

Go to Settings on your iphone

Go into General – Passcode lock: Set “Require Password” to “Immediately” and switch “Erase Data” ON. Make sure you’re iTunes backup is set to encrypted. This will both encrypt the data on your iPhone and will always prompt a user to enter a passcode upon initial screen lock.

Now when your phone is stolen, the individuals stealing it will not easily have access to your data when hooked up to PC – they would have to break the encryption. Additionally, the “Erase Data” option will kick in after 10 failed passcode attempts.

If you sync your Iphone with a gmail account (at least a Google Apps domain account) you have to option to remote wipe the device.


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