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Krav Maga Swindon

Krav Maga Swindon Instructor Will Bayley writes about his training in Swindon and what Krav Maga offers to new students. what it has to offer new students.

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At Krav Maga Swindon we teach and practice a self defence system that found it’s beginning in the ghettos of Bratislava during World War Two. At a time when Jewish civilians were the subject of frequent violent attacks, one man saw the necessity to teach people to protect themselves.

This meant needed training had to be simple, so that it would work under the terrible pressures of real-world violence, and it needed to be easy to learn so that ordinary men, women and even children could pick up the tools they needed to survive.

Now, 80 years on, Krav Maga is required learning for police and military recruits the world over with over 500 law enforcement and military agencies globally teaching it to their personnel. It is also taught to civilians, just as it was in the war, ordinary people who want the ability to protect themselves in extraordinary times. Krav Maga Swindon continues this tradition as part of British Krav Maga, a national body that guarantees authenticity and professional teaching.

Classes in Swindon are open to all levels, from beginners to experts, and the club’s instructors have years of experience teaching civilians how to effectively protect themselves from violent attack. It is the place to be if you are seeking that same real-world confidence given to the vulnerable in World War Two, and to security and military professionals in the world today.


Krav Maga Swindon's most frequently asked questions:

Why is Krav Maga famous?

krav maga swindonIt works. Krav Maga is taught today largely unchanged because it needs no change. It is a simple, effective method of self-defence. Its strength is in its simplicity. Krav Maga favours teaching the minimum number of techniques. If one technique can be used for multiple situations, this is the technique you’ll learn. Learning many situation specific techniques can lead to fatal hesitation and paralysis by analysis under pressure.

How long does it take to learn?

Krav Maga is not a martial art. It does not take many years of training to master the fundamentals of Krav Maga. Many people are able to acquire effective defences to the most common street assaults in as little as 12 weeks, dependent upon training frequency and discipline.

Do you need to be fit?

BKMA Krav Maga Instructor courseKrav Maga will make you fit. This doesn’t mean you need to be fit to start, but fitness will be a welcome bonus to your practice.

Fighting is profoundly anaerobic. Some people observe that most assaults are over in seconds and suggest that fitness is therefore not necessary.

But this is not borne out by experience. The fitter you are going into the extremes of a violent assault, the better you will perform each movement and the more resilient you will be. And remember, hard training produces tough people, psychologically resilient as well as physically resilient. You don’t need to bring fitness to your first class, just the will to work.

What do I need?

Loose clothing, preferably clothing that covers the knees. And water. Lots of water.

Why Swindon Krav Maga?

Krav Maga Swindon is a recognised part of British Krav Maga. We are a national organisation whose mission is to bring authentic Krav Maga and self-defence to both security professionals and civilians. swindon krav maga trainingAll our instructors are professionally trained and qualified, measured against the toughest of standards, and many have extensive military or security experience – they know what it takes to survive real-world violence and they know it first-hand. Many are also full-time instructors, dedicating their professional lives to the practice and teaching of Krav Maga.

The Swindon instructional team is run by Will Bayley, who teaches civilian classes in Bristol and Swindon, as well as various military sessions and private training with celebrities and groups. His teaching time can reach 20 classes a week, on top of his own practice and work as a licenced bodyguard. Over a thousand hours a year of Krav Maga and real-world security awareness. Contrast this with an instructor of any martial art teaching a couple of classes a week and decide who you would rather have teaching you to look after yourself and those you love.

How do I get involved?

britishkravmaga_Nov15_233_webSimply contact the instructor team at Krav Maga Swindon , or at your local British Krav Maga club, and arrange for a free beginners taster session. Your instructor will meet you on the day and you’ll be given a chance to try out the simplest and most widely used hand to hand system in the world today.


Beginner’s classes are suitable for anyone thinking of starting Krav Maga, and due to Krav’s popularity you’re guaranteed to find a training partner that is at a similar level to you. Your instructor will be a trained professional with great experience at teaching people just like you. And in no time at all, if you put the work in, you’ll pick up real skills and fighting fitness.

About the Author:

BKMA Krav Maga Instructor courseWill Bayley is a professional Krav Maga Instructor teaching in Swindon and North Bristol. Will offers Free Taster sessions at his classes and can be contacted via 07866417618

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