Krav Maga Bristol Blog: Dont be defined by what you cant do…

Be careful what you think: Whether you think can, or whether you think you cant - you are right.

Recently I trained a young man with a mild physical deformity to one leg.  It did not cause pain but it caused some difficulty during movement of some techniques....

Instead of accepting his limitations and training around them, he became fixated around his limitations. Training was not about what he could do, but about what he couldnt. His training was entirely focused around why he could not kick, move, do press ups or even sit ups.

He constantly went from one thing to another that he could not do due to his leg. Every technique - every punch, every movement revolved around his limitations. My guess is that this issue dominated  many aspects of his life - not just Krav Maga training. The pity of it is that he this likeable, intelligent young man was overcome with self pity and excuses about his leg. I noticed in class, students often avoided partnering him. I would guess his attitude and approached tended to put his fellow students off. The problem was not his ankle but his head. His attitude, his beliefs, his excuses. Eventually after another discussion around how I needed to understand his problem I asked him quite bluntly - 'well what can you do - lets start from there'. You guessed it he started with another list of things he could not do.

To my relief he left.

I repeatedly challenged his attitude - but he felt I did not understand. He felt I did not realise what it was like for him to have a limitation. Having been a qualified nurse for 20+ years I did understand - I had seen brave people overcome impossible odds to live a ‘normal’ life in extraordinary circumstances - such a ‘living with’ enduring or serious mental illness.

So my challenge to you is simple. What ever your age, your shape or your gender. Embrace your limitations, understand them and work around them. Physical limitations may prevent you from doing some of the things the way you want, but they dont define who you are. Its your responce to your limitations, your actions when you meet a challenged that really define who you.

Paul Grey

Paul is a professional Krav Maga Instructor who teaches ordinary people of all abilities  the Israeli system called Krav Maga. If you are based in weston or Bristol come and try us out.