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How Often should I train in Krav Maga

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Krav Maga Bristol: How often should I train

One of the most commonly asked questions new members ask is how often should I train.  Whilst this is a perfectly natural question to ask, it's really difficult to answer without a clear understanding of your goals and reasons for training.  The 2 main factors affecting your training are your training goals and the cost of training.

Let's begin...

"Your goals define the training required to achieve them"

1. What are your training goals?

Be honest. What are you trying to achieve in your Krav Maga training?

Your goals define the training required to achieve them. Do you want something new and challenging, but don't want to impact on your free time too much? You'd probably be a light recreational Kravist. If you aspire to reach the pinnacle of Krav Maga training and want to really push your self physically and mentally, once weekly sessions won't cut it for you. Over the past 13 years we have found members usually fall into one of 3 categories, often jumping between them over time.

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The Light Recreational Kravist

Goals: Recreational training balanced with other activities or lifestyle demands - shifts etc. Want to learn Krav Maga but not driven by fast skill acquisition, or a strong desire to improve fitness.

We recommend: Once weekly training costed at £40 per month. This provides 8 hrs tuition a month.

The Recreational Kravist

Goal: Wants to learn some self-defence techniques or make more significant progress in Krav Maga or fitness training generally. This is balanced against limited time/lifestyle options. A higher level of time/commitment required to achieve your goals more rapidly.

We recommend Twice weekly training costing about £60 a month for sixteen or more hrs training a month.

You would expect progression two to three times faster than with Once weekly training. Twice weekly training is the sweet spot for most people, you get the most results in the least amount of training time. Our twice weekly training tariff means you could train three or more sessions with no additional cost, however, the time and commitment required are more that of a serious recreational Kravist.

For most members, we'd recommend twice weekly training as the sweet spot. You'll see much faster progress than training one night a week but training time won't impact on your life too much.

The Serious Recreational Kravist

Goal: Krav Maga is your main recreational and fitness pursuit. You are training at least three times a week and this is probably combined with additional seminars and camps. Progress is fast and a high level of skill is achieved within 10 or more months. You will probably train in Clifton plus another venue and supplement your training with additional fitness or gym work. Krav Maga becomes a significant part of your life as training time becomes significant.

You don't have to commit to a single training goal for the rest of your career in Krav Maga, our goals frequently change. It is just your starting point. Changes in work patterns, family life other time pressures crop up affecting the time we can dedicate to training. Now we address the second aspect of deciding how often to train. Cost.

Krav maga bristol training goals

Training Cost

Typically people think we mean financial cost. The financial cost is a small part of the cost of training, for simplicity are costs vary between £40 and £65 a month. What we are talking about are both, financial cost and the heavier burden, the "sweat equity",  you'll have to pay in training for the fitness and self-defence skills. And I'll warn you, on the 'sweat equity' front you'll pay every single lesson....

Financial Cost

To a large extent, you are in luck. Nature, nurture, fate or luck has placed you in Bristol. Krav Maga Bristol is the 'Manchester United' of Krav Maga schools, one of the best known, most credible clubs in the UK and we are right here on your doorstep. 

And we are cheap too. Training costs between £40 and £65 a month That's between £5 an hour (£10 per class), and  £1.46 per hour (£2.92 per class) if you train at 4 classes a week.

The financial cost is relatively low for Krav Maga and if it is an issue, you may need to look at your goals and motivation levels for training.

Sweat Equity

This is the sticky one. Krav Maga is tough. Every class is hard, physically intensive, gruelling even. And that's the way it should be.

Your growth physically and mentally lies in that part of training that takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you.



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