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b2ap3_thumbnail_article-1345759-06496C820000044D-806_468x313.jpgEvery new year Krav Maga Bristol is bombarded by enquiries about training. The leisure industry has become highly cynical  about theses enquiries seeking to cash in quick due to the volume that start and stop in a short space of time.


Gym chains are well aware that over 80% of these new year members will have stopped training  within 12 weeks and a staggering 59% will have stopped by the end of January. 

My own view is very different on the situation.

At this time of the year, a lot of people commit to action and actually want to do something about getting into training. This is an unparalleled opportunity to get more people involved and engaged with training. Unfortunately the commercial gym chains have a vested interest in having large numbers of 'contracted in' members who do not turn up. In fact there business model is based on it.


The most frustrating thing about the whole cycle is that people leave the Gym chains as machine based training wont work. It's  all promises and no substance. Unsurprisingly  4 out of 5 new members leave in the first 12 weeks, disappointed and worse off financially. Consequently their engagement with the fitness industry is tarnished from the start. 


This is not the kind of business we want, we are committed to coaching people to a high standard, so regular attendance is an essential for us. The question we are interested in is not why do so many people start at this time of year, it is why do they stop.

My belief is the reason people stop is that the training they joined does not meet up to its promise. The gyms don't care if you don't chisel that physique, lose the love handles or drop a dress size, as long as you sign the contract they are happy.

What's interesting, is that we don't really get this phenomena at Krav Maga Bristol.

The drop out rate at of new year starters is slightly higher than our normal drop out rate but that's probably explained by the fact more people join us than at any other time of the year. Of our members, almost 90% are still training after 3 months and almost 60% after 9 months.


Just take a moment to think about this, only 41% are still training at a gym after 4 weeks, yet nearly 90% are still with us after 4 months...


Whilst I'd love to believe the these statistics could be attributed to my sunny personality, the real reason people stay with us is simple.
Gyms offer access to machines, we offer professional coaching. Some gyms offer 24 hr access, we offer personal challenge, high expectations and a dynamic changing sessions and a great community of people.

In simple terms our emphasis is on coaching people theirs is providing access to a range of machines.

So why did I share this with you. Well the reason is fairly simple. If you are serious about getting fit, learning some self defence skills or want a new healthier life style, come try us at out Krav Maga Bristol.   Compared to gym membership, the odds reaching your goal or even still training are infinitely higher with us.

Thanks for reading

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