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Bristol Close Protection Course

Bristol 9/3/2015 Advanced Close Protection Training £2899

18 Day Advanced Level 3 Close Protection Course - Includes Firearms training and 4 Days intensive Hand to Hand training Course


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There are an abundance of cheap, close protection courses meeting SIA minimum requirements. It is well recognised within the industry that there is a significant divide between courses that meet SIA standards and the courses that are fit for purpose.



BKMA Close Protection training is designed specifically to create course graduates that are fit for purpose in every sense, not just competent to complete a portfolio. BKMA Course Graduates leave with highly marketable skill sets, providing them with realistic chances of employment within the industry.

Monday 9th of March until Thursday the 26th of March

The course is a based at a number of separate locations near Bristol with the Firing range component based in Dorset.

Course Overview

The BKMA Advanced Close Protection course is an SIA recognised L.3 course. The course is a reality based, scenario driven course designed to equip candidates to work within the industry as competent, professional Close Protection Officers. The Close Protection industry is highly competitive and any small advantage in training can result in a significant advantage in the employment market. As a result the BKMA offers a scenario based course with practical elements, theory blocks and live exercises to build a realistic hands-on experience.

What is included

  • SIA Recognised Level 3 Close Protection Award
  • Level 3 Award: 30 hrs Krav Maga DClose Quarters Combat training for Close Protection Officers; (British Krav Maga Association certified)
  • Physical Fitness Assessment and Certification for employers
  • Active Firearms training at a UK range on M4 and Steyr Scout

Course Requirements

Minimum Age: 24 years of age
Basic Numeracy and Literacy skills
Good spoken English
A UK driving Licence

 Close quater combat training bkma

Close Quarter Combat skills
The BKMA is committed to providing Close Protection Officers with proven competence in Hand to Hand combat skills. We are the only company in the UK committed to offering 30+ hours of Israeli Krav Maga. The BKMA will certify those competent in hand to hand combat skills for perspective employers.

Course Tutors
Each BKMA Advanced Close protection course is run by a highly experienced team of 3 tutors. Each Tutor brings a specific skill set to the course.


Lead Tutor: Mark Edwards is actively engaged on both Close Protection and Maritime Security. Mark Edwards (Course Tutor) is a former Royal Marine Commando Instructor with 23 years service.
Firearms Tutor: Brian Smith is a formal Royal Marine Instructor. Brian was a specialist Weapons and Tactics Instructor for the Marines and currently teaches Maritime security and skill at arms.
CQB Tutor: Paul Grey is the head coach of the British Krav Maga Association. Paul brings decades of practical ‘hands on’ experience and a passion for realism in training.


More details can be found here

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