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The Krav Maga Challenge 2020

Commences January 27th 2020



vlog about a someone participating in a 30 day Krav Maga Challenge in Sydney

The Krav Maga Challenge is a 12-week fitness and self-defence training programme based on training concepts used by the Israeli military to prepare recruits for combat. The challenge combines realistic self-defence training with a range of intense functional workouts and mobility exercises utilised by professional fighters.

What is Krav Maga
Krav Maga is a method of fitness and self-defence training used by the Israeli Military. Krav Maga gained a reputation as a simple, no-nonsense self-defence method that's quick to learn, simple to apply and effective in real life.

What is involved
The Krav Maga Challenge takes place on Monday and Wednesday evenings at Clifton College Sports Centre over 12 weeks commencing Monday the 27th of January until Wednesday the 15th of April.

Challengers participate in a programme of training both inside and outside of the class culminating in a challenge day session that replicates a range of common street attacks and scenarios. The progressive programme starts off lightly and builds each week increasing challengers fitness and self-defence skills.

Included in the Krav Maga Challenge is a manual, training programme and nutritional recommendations.

Who is the Krav Maga Challenge for
Typically, people enrolling in the Krav Maga Challenge are looking for a training challenge or reason to train. Most are attracted by a specific target for a limited time. We’ve had challengers preparing for Weddings, Gap Year Travel, the Royal Marines, Police, weight loss targets, or simply their next challenge.

Do I need previous training experience
No. The Krav Maga challenge can be undertaken complete novices through to advanced Kravists. All training is provided.

What level of fitness is required
The Krav Maga Challenge is accessible to healthy adults up to 50 years of age and for active over 50’s. We work with your existing level of fitness and build on that. Pre-existing fitness is not a requirement.

What type of fitness training is involved
Training commences with compound bodyweight training and includes a strong element of mobility and agility training. Training progresses to plyometrics and more gymnastic based exercises culminating in High-Intensity Interval Training and metabolic conditioning drills.

The programme is functionally based and designed to help challengers lose weight, increase athletic performance and functional muscle mass.

Will I lose weight
During some of the more intense sessions challengers have burned off over 1000 kcals over a 2-hour session. However, the single most important component of any weight loss programme is diet. We recommend a ketogenic diet to maximise muscle gain and weight loss but challengers are free to use whichever diet suits them best. We provide a handout and information about this on day 1.

How did the Krav Maga Challenge begin

The Krav Maga Challenge came about as a result of regular requests from new members who wanted an intense Bootcamp type experience to jump-start their fitness and their ability to defend themselves.

National Coach Paul Grey drew up a specific conditioning protocol more commonly used by professional fighters alongside a specifically tailored programme of self-defence training (Krav Maga) based on the most common UK street attacks. The programme was initially piloted by Instructor candidates going through the BKMA 180 HR Instructor certification and was then refined over the next 4 years at Krav Maga Bristol.

Pricing and availability
We have a maximum of 20 places available for the January 2020 intake of The Krav Maga Challenge. The challenge costs £149 which covers 48 hours of coaching over 24 classes. That's around £3.10 an hour!

Candidates need to allow for the additional costs of some boxing gloves and forearm guards to participate.

How can I get involved

You can book your place on the Krav Maga Challenge by clicking the button below. 


  • All Abilities Welcome
  • No Previous Experience Required
  • Includes all training and Coaching
  • Includes Full Training Programme

 Please note

The total Fee is £149 - NOT £149 PER SESSION.

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