• The Krav Maga
    Bristol Experience

    Real Krav Maga with one of the UK's leading coaches in the very heart of Bristol. Call on 0117 4070 337
  • Real Krav Maga in Bristol ?
    This is the place to do it

    Bristols' longest standing school, Krav Maga Bristol has taught more Instructors than any other school in the UK.
  • Real Krav Maga in the heart of Bristol

    Want quality Krav Maga ? Try Krav Maga Bristol. 0117 4070 337
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Try the Krav Maga Bristol Experience

The Best Krav Maga in Bristol. Train with one of the UK's leading Krav Maga Coaches in Clifton, Bristol. Try the Krav Maga Bristol Experience!

Try the Krav Maga Bristol Experience

British Krav Maga - Nationally Recognised Training

Krav Maga Bristol opened in 2005 quickly becoming of one the UK's largest Krav Maga schools. We are the founding school of British Krav Maga, one of the largest trecognised Krav Maga organisations in Europe. Krav Maga Bristol has been featured in The Guardian, The Observer, Martial Arts Illustrated,  Combat Magazine, BBC radio, and provided film extras, fight choregraphy. CALL US ON 0117259 1590



Try the Krav Maga Bristol Experience

Try a Trial Class with Krav Maga Bristol.  We offer 2 hours coaching and training with British Krav Maga Head Coach Paul Grey for just £10. Experience Krav Maga with one of the UK's best known Krav Maga Coaches.


The Krav Maga Challenge™

Krav Maga Bristol piloted the first Krav Maga challenge in 2014.  The Krav Maga challenge ™ is a gruelling 16 week accelerated programme of Israreli Hand to Hand training, high intensity combat fitness, and mental toughness training. You'll experience a level of training unparralled outside of the military. Find out about the Krav Maga Challenge ™ [More]


Krav Maga Courses

 Street Attack Survey

Most frequently attacked part of the body: Head
% of victims unable to protect themselves prior to training
Number of Fights going to the ground
% of victims able to fight attacker off prior to training

British Krav Maga Member satisfaction survey

Krav Maga students rate our training as 'Excellent or Well Above Average'
Students rating our lessons as 'Professional and Well Planned'
Students who would recommend a friend to us
Students rating the value of training as 'Excellent or Well Above Average'

Advanced Diploma in Krav Maga £1899

One of, if not the most comprehensive Krav Maga Instructor courses outside of the Isreali Defence Forces. 18 days hardcore training, including teaching and coaching elements, manuals, and advanced training modules with one of Europes fastest growing organisations.


Who is the course for
The Advanced Diploma course is aimed at individuals wanting a professional instructor certification with a Nationally recognised organisation. Candidates need at least 3 years training in any striking based martial art. We accept significant Military, Prison Service or Police experience in lieu of a black belt.

[Download Brochure]

Course Structure
This 18 day course is attended via two 9 day intensive phases of training, or via six 3 day weekends.

A good level of physical fitness is required to attend this course. Allowances are made for age and injury.

What is covered
The Diploma extends the skills and knowledge covered in the certificate course and introduces more advanced training and concepts. 4 days are allocated to the ‘Train the trainer’ award.

Course Modules
History and evolution of Krav Maga
Krav Maga Defensive Tactics
The Law in Relation to Self Defence
The Primitive Stress Response
The Science of Combat
Releases and breakaways
Street Weapons and their use
Fighting on the Ground
Ballistic Striking & Impact
Classroom management
Coaching and student corrections
Accelerated training methodologies Implementation of specialist training
Working with special populations
Combat conditioning class management
Implementation and management of adrenalised training
Street Weapons & scenario training
Business management
School promotion via social media
Marketing theory and practice
Train the Trainer Level 4



This course is eligible for ELCAS funding.

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16 Day Certificate in Krav Maga Coaching and Instruction

Weekend based Certificate in Krav Maga Coaching and Instruction

  • Bootcamps and regular events.
  • Research based curricula.
  • Simple, easy to learn techniques.
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  • "The Most realistic Self Defence system in the UK today. SUNDAY TIMES "

    Krav Maga is the longest standing Military Hand to Hand system in modern history. Fast to learn, instinctive to apply, it is the ideal Self Defence method for those wanting skills in weeks, not years. Call 0117 4070 337

  • "Krav Maga Bristol has trained more students to Instructor level than any other school in the UK. If you are looking for the right place to start - this is it."

    Founded in 2005, Krav Maga Bristol has trained nearly every Instructor in the Southwest.

  • "Krav Maga offers exceptional Self Defence training in a very short period of time" Call 0117 4070 337

    To go fom zero to effective self defence skills, nothing works faster than Krav Maga.

    Krav Maga's emphasis on simplicity and instinctive movements has resulted in a system that's fast to learn and effective to apply in real life.

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